Amazon interview questions

Amazon interview questions and answers to get job in amazon

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Amazon interview questions from Mumbai discussed some technical concerns in the interview with Amazon. Amazon Technical HR Interview Procedure Data structures issues in my Technical Interview. I’m sharing some of the issues here based on my memory. Test aptitude 3 Interview in Amazon Online (Technical and Hr Telephonic interview & amazon interview questions) 

Amazon interview questions:

1. Given a n-ary tree. Devise an algo which determines the position at which the 3rd B is present from the given index in constant time complexity.

Try it for binary tree.

What is hashing. What is constant time complexity?

Which are the data structures which have constant time complexity. HINT – they both use indexes?

The preprocessor method will use what data structures to ensure the getA() or getB() function will determine the 3rd B’s position in constant time complexity.

2. Given a dictionary with limited words. Check if the string given to you is a composite of two words which are already present in the dictionary.

3. Given a single linked list of certain nodes. Switch adjacent nodes. Eg. 1 2 3 4 will be 2 1 4 3.

4. What is the function of the ‘finally’ block in Java ? Under what conditions does the finally block not get executed, if this is possible?

5. Display all the nodes at the same level in a tree.

6. Given a binary search tree. Traverse only the left sub-tree.

7. Is {a, n, d} a palindrome ? If you are given a random string, is it a palindrome or not ?

8. Implementation of AVL tree.

Amazon On line test round :Online round: (1hr, working code required)

Given coin array and a sum K, find min. number of required coin to make sum K. (DP Question)
Two rectangles are given in two D space. Find if these are overlapping or not
KMP for pattern searching
After two days I got the call to come Amazon Bangalore office to attend next rounds:

Amazon interview questions to get jobs in amazon:

1st Round:

First occurrence of duplicate char in a char array.
Merge two sorted array of n and n+m size
Zig-zag traversal of tree

Amazon HR and Technical round 

Tell me about one of your best project, deep drive 
Count the words in a file (simple one)
Design parking system.

Reverse every k-element in a linked list

Check if two tree are mirror tree

Find longest palindrome in a string

Find sum K from an unsorted array which have both -ive & +ive numbers.

Full explanation about tries (search, insert, traversal, delete)

Full browser working & amazon interview questions

Lock variable and their implementation (OS)

What is hashing, if any hash function mapping tow inputs to one output then how to handle that scenario at the time of retrieval, you can’t change hash function.

After one week I got the call from HR for my BR round.

Tell me about yourself, why you are looking for change, what innovative you did in last two year (I had already preparation for all these type of questions) 

Lots of discussion happened about my current project.

Given two string remove the characters of one string from another string

1. Another variation he asked: Given two string remove the characters of one string(having duplicate characters) from another string

2. One more variation he asked: Given two string remo

ve the characters of one string(having duplicate characters) from another string from right to left.

Given one string, print all the anagrams of this string from a given file which contains lots of strings.
3. Another variation of this he asked: Given group of string, print all the anagrams of all given string from the file of strings.

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